The abdominal muscles – are destroying the myths, Testosterone Cypionate order

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Everyone wants to become the owner of a beautiful abdominal muscles, no matter man or woman in front of us, testosterone cypionate. Unfortunately, at this time, this muscle group has acquired a huge number of stereotypes that are staggering their stupidity. We will try to highlight the most popular ones that you may not become a hostage to the myths. It is believed that the final result in the training of the abdominal muscles is achieved for a long time. In fact, in the complex and the right approach, you can get relief into cubes for 5-6 weeks, but the ratio of the effort has to be far from a rather big.

Myth – regular training press

Nowadays, there is an stereotype that the press need to train as often as possible. Many would-be instructors believe that pump up the press can only be due to the regular load. In fact this is not so, legal testosterone cypionate.

Remember the basic function of the abdominal muscles, both direct and oblique – it is to keep the torso straight about our feet, that is, Press is a static stabilizer, which refers to the muscles of the core. When walking and other physical activities you first load the muscles of the abdomen.

As you probably know, the press virtually round the clock works in static mode, testosterone cypionate online, so that you have to provide this muscle group a good recovery period, at least until the next workout. The fact is that the vast majority of exercises also forced to work the press. In addition to squat with a barbell such movements include the bench press, military press, deadlifts, etc. It is important to note one interesting fact: your brain sends signals through the central nervous system to the muscles primarily bark, to which refers the press. Initially, the body has to strengthen the body, and only then he will be able to tighten or squeeze any burdening. If you are not progressing in the above exercises, pay attention to the abdomen and spine extensors muscles, testosterone cypionate order.

I’m sure your head will visit the doubt. But our thoughts are pretty easy to check yourself. Try to load the press some really complex movement, such as kickbacks on his knees with roller or (wheel), and the next day to do one of the above basic exercises. Even if you create the perfect conditions for recovery, one day is clearly not enough, so that the weight of the workers in these movements will decrease significantly – especially in the squat with a barbell. Furthermore, you can see pain in the abdominal region. As a result, you will be forced to admit the truth of the foregoing material. Buy testosterone cypionate.

In fact, to objectively look at the situation we should remember the basics of bodybuilding. As you probably know, the goal of any training aiming to transfer the load muscle group, so that there should be a microtrauma, which are already at the time of recovery will begin to recover with the help of protein molecules. If you miss a period of recovery, testosterone cypionate, and re-load the muscles of the abdomen, then what kind of supercompensation can we talk? Of course, we do not require large cubes press, and such a scheme may seem out of place, but the body is not predisposed to an increase in the abdominal area due to the abdominal muscles, and that is what we must take advantage of.

We just want to say that to improve the appearance and security features of the abdominal muscles you just train them once per cycle. The press is the same muscle group as the back or chest. You do not train chest 5 times per cycle, is not it?

Myth – the upper and lower press

To this day, buy testosterone cypionate, the vast majority of novice athletes, and even a number of fans are hostages of this stereotype. The fact that the training of media has always been a kind of unsaid part of bodybuilding, because professional bodybuilders are simply not trained press separately. They lack the static load when performing basic movements and rigid “drying”. But we are not pro-athletes and training so we can not avoid.

And when it comes to choosing the exercises in front of us there is a long-established myth. Many people with the people believe that certain movements can be isolated to load the so-called “upper” or “lower” press. However, if you remember the school course of human anatomy, testosterone cypionate for sale, the abdominal muscles are divided only on the oblique and direct, no upper and lower departments simply do not exist. Yes definitely performing twisting you clearly feel the upper zone of the abdominal muscles, but this does not mean that the other region is not running, it just gets a little smaller load. The ratio looks like 65% to 35%.

That is why it is not necessary to dwell on the “upper” and “lower” movements. Share exercise only the direct and oblique abdominal muscles. It is worth noting that the press likes to work together with other muscles, which is why try to get rid of isolated movements such as twisting the cable grip of the upper unit. This exercise, in essence, asks you a fixed path without a struggle for balance, and it is quite unnatural load for the press, buy testosterone cypionate online. The most effective option will be setbacks with roller, foot rise in the vise and other basic movements.

In fact, the origins of the myth occur in the human anatomy. The fact that it is the lower part of the abdominal region most prone to fat storage. Many believe that the training will allow the press “dry” this area. But the problem lies on the surface – is the percentage of fat tissue, testosterone cypionate online. In fact, there is no local fat burning (lipolysis), which can not be said about the local accumulation of fatty acids. That is why we can see a big belly or chest – in the presence of thin arms and legs.