Overtraining in Sport. Testosterone Cypionate for sale

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Surely you’ve heard about the terrible beast prestrashnom for “overtraining” name. This term scare all newcomers and even some experienced athletes. We all know that this pathology is much worse than a plateau in muscle and other complications arising in the course of the training, testosterone cypionate. Unfortunately, at the moment the terminology of this syndrome began to carry virtually mythical character. Now, nobody really knows what is false and what is true. Today we will try to dot the «i».

It is believed that overtraining is the destiny of a purely professional sports. However, in practice it is different. Professional sports, especially bodybuilding and fitness is a bunch of doctors, nutritionists, trainers and various surveys. Despite the fact that the achievement of the first places on any tournaments often goes against the concept of a healthy lifestyle, athletes still look after their body, and about any overtraining can be no question. After all, in fact, it’s hard to trudnoobratimoe condition that can put an end to the new results. In general, sports physicians well watch their wards, buy testosterone cypionate, while thousands of representatives of amateur sports look after themselves independently. In the field of non-professional fitness and bodybuilding overtraining syndrome – a wholesale phenomenon …

In fact, this disease is found in all kinds of sports. The sad statistics diligently trying to hide, because without it, most people are sedentary. Fizkulturnaya revolution was no exception to this rule. Recall, it began in the distant 60s of last century. It was then that several independent American Institutes of Health found that jogging in fact, is an excellent action to maintain physical fitness. The then popular slogan was something like this: “Everyone can and should be run!”. As a result, thousands of pot-bellied uncle and aunt decided that running will give excellent physical shape. Of course, not without fanaticism. The main logical conclusion, which at that time was the people – the more you run, the greater the benefit. All this ended with a huge wave of heart attacks and deaths, testosterone cypionate for sale.

As a result, the term maintenance of the physical form to replace the word “health”. The whole situation is radically changed. Now, running has become positioned as a panacea for many diseases. About any physical form is no longer the question. Many people to this day think running a magic exercise, able to give the coveted health. However, the reality is quite different, running a long stressful load. Any sports doctor will tell you that any improper exercise rather destroy the health, rather than give it, testosterone cypionate order. However, the business felt in fitness and bodybuilding gold mine, and was not going to just forget about it.

We all remember the positive influence of training. Every visit to the gym – it’s stress. The body launches a series of adaptive processes, which include increased muscle mass, strength indicators, and as a consequence quantities. This is based on bodybuilding and fitness – human adaptation. Buy testosterone cypionate online. However, few people know that Hans Selye some time ago wrote a book in which the human capacity to adapt is described in detail. So, he says that regular adaptation processes make our adrenal glands to work in emergency mode, daily producing growth hormone, testosterone and estrogen. How much do you think will be able to study such tiny gland? Probably not very long. Business tycoons, in turn, decided to add a prefix to the word stress the “positive”. This caused a general approval and all rushed to train for 2-3 hours a day, in order to improve their “health”.

At the same time, the builders realized that bodybuilding is to build a completely different pattern. Only this kind of sport involves a relatively gentle training scheme, testosterone cypionate. We load 1-2 muscle group per workout, and every muscle maximum – once a week. In fact, it’s quite a small stress. Bodybuilding over the years has revealed one axiom: frequent exercise does not provide the best result, the exception is a drug support, but that’s another topic. Today we are talking about the amateur component. Athletes supercompensation adhere to the rule that train one muscle only once a week, thus the body has time to adapt.

Fitness industry, unfortunately, did not listen to such advice, testosterone cypionate for sale. CrossFit, circular fitness training and other options considered crazy load of wellness activities, when in fact their benefits for the body rather questionable. Bodybuilders, of course, use some circular techniques and other ways to increase the intensity, but only occasionally, and only one purpose – to vary the load. The rest of the sphere of fitness involve everyday use rabid loads.

All these marathons, CrossFit and other all-round quite exhaust the body, especially if the person does not have a strong sporting foundations laid years earlier. It’s one thing when CrossFit come from athletics, bodybuilding and martial arts, testosterone cypionate online, and quite another when a novice begins an acquaintance with the sport with the help of CrossFit. Any excessive cardio load, which usually has the character of the floor aerobic significantly depletes the body. Twice a month, it is useful, three – tolerant, and five – is dangerous. Fitnesisty in turn practice Resignation training from time to time, trying to burn as much fat as possible. All this leads to a strong hormonal disruptions, which eventually forced to leave the sport forever.

Subjects failure in exercises such as aerobic and anaerobic quite subjective. It is believed that no pain – no growth. Of course, there is some truth, testosterone cypionate, but it does not mean that any physical activity should be reduced to a banal sensations relinquished. We will not go far, look at Ronnie Coleman, he never used the failures, considering them wrong training method, because usually they do not bear for a proper implementation of technology. Speaking on the merits, the waivers should only be used in the final working set, and then only a few exercises for the entire workout.