How to gain muscle mass? Legal Testosterone Cypionate

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The gym comes mostly people who want to either gain muscle or lose weight. In this article, we will tell you what to do to build muscle. Buy testosterone cypionate.

The basic principles of muscle recruitment

When training on a set of muscle mass (as in any other training), the most important factor is properly composed diet. Generally, there are 3 main factors in the recruitment of the masses:

– Food. The most important factor. 50% of training is dependent on how your diet will be built.

– Recovering after a workout. In 30% of success depends on how the quality you’ll recover between workouts, because at this time your muscles will grow!

– Training program. 20% of success depends on how your training program will be drawn up correctly. The training program for a set of muscle mass – in this article you will learn how to create a work training program testosterone cypionate for sale, which will give a real result!
Next, we look at each factor in more detail.

Diet for a set of muscle mass

Muscle mass begins to grow when you consume more calories than you expend. When switching to a diet for a set of weight you need to buy testosterone cypionate gradually increase the amount of calories, while an increase in weight will not be 800 grams per week. If you grow up to 400 grams per week, you need to eat. However, do not exceed the weight gain of 800 grams per week, or with the muscle mass you will begin to gain fat. So the deciding factor in the recruitment of muscle mass is the food.

The basic principles of the diet for a set of weight:

-regular Calories. Caloric intake must be enhanced not by fast carbohydrates (confectionery, bakery products) or fatty foods (butter, sausages, bacon), but due to the slow carbohydrates.

How to distinguish the slow carbohydrates from fast? Easy: to fast carbohydrates are all sweet: sweets, cakes, muffins, etc., and to slow – rice, oat, buckwheat and other cereals.

– 4-6 servings. All the daily ration should be divided into several meals. Rare but copious meals will guarantee the formation of subcutaneous fat. We need to buy testosterone cypionate online  eat as much as your body will spend a few hours. Anything beyond that, he will leave on a “black day” in the form of fat Protein also should not be abused -. 1 reception digest up to 45 grams of protein.

-Much water. Our bodies are 70% water, so that the need to drink a lot (at least 3 liters per day). If you feel thirsty, it means that you are already a little dehydrated.

When building diet for muscle mass should also be set to calculate the proportionality of the food. It should be like this:

55% carbohydrate;
35% protein;
20% fat.
To order testosterone cypionate you make an effective diet for a set of muscle mass, we have also prepared a list of the best sources of nutrients:

The best sources of protein are:

Meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, nuts, protein shake, testosterone cypionate.

The best sources of carbohydrates are slow:

Cereals, pasta, legal testosterone cypionate, bread (preferably black), vegetables and fruits.

The best sources of fats are:

Seafood (they contain beneficial omega-3 fats), oils.

Also, on our website there is an article: Fitness recipes for bodybuilders – Use provided therein recipes and diet will be much easier!

Sports nutrition

From the best sports nutrition for a set of muscle mass are:

-Protein. 3 times a day for 35-40 grams. You can replace some meals, for example, enjoy a cocktail at night.

-Geyner. The mixture of protein and carbohydrate designed for weight set. Ideal for people with ectomorph physique. Also be replaced by a couple of meals. Take after a workout for 1 hour, and a day of rest.

-Kreatin Monohydrate. An additive that enhances strength and muscle growth indicators. Take the first 5 days of 20 grams, preferably with a carbohydrate (ideally with Gainer), then every day for 5 grams. Every 2 months of reception do 2 week break.

-Predtrenrovochny Complex. It improves testosterone cypionate concentration and gives energy in training. Take instructions.

-Vitamin-mineral complex. Raise your immune system and well-being, as well as accelerate the biological processes, including protein synthesis.

The most popular types sportpita are protein shakes and Creatine. You can prepare your own cocktails for a set of muscle mass – choose for themselves the best recipe!

What is the recovery and why is it important?

After a workout, muscle microtrauma covered (under heavy loads muscle fiber tear). And when you are resting between workouts, protein synthesis occurs as a result of which the muscles “repaired”. The body restores muscles to their previous size, and little more than that they were able to make the next load.

So you need to give your muscles time to buy testosterone cypionate online recover before you start to train this muscle group. If the recovery will not happen until the end, and you will again load the muscles, overtraining occurs, and you will feel tired and exhausted, and the growth of muscles can be no question!

An important component of recovery is a restful sleep (during sleep produces growth hormone and protein synthesis occurs). Therefore, it is necessary to sleep not less than 7 hours a day. It is also very useful naps for 1-2 hours.

When listing the factors determining the results of the exercise for a set of muscle mass, we have identified training program (buy dnp), only 20%, however, testosterone cypionate, this factor is also very important. It is necessary to draw up a training program, so we wrote a separate article for you: training program on the ground.

If you follow these recommendations in this article, you can quickly gain muscle mass!

Good luck in training!